Central Heating
Here at Hammond Heating we specialise in central heating systems, working across the Colchester and Essex region, delivering first rate expertise and quality to every customer.  

From repairs, to upgrades, to new systems, we are here to ensure you get the central heating system that works best for you. We understand that any work to your central heating can produce anxiety and concern, which is why we will always be clear, reliable, committed to delivering everything that you expect from us. Looking after your central heating system is important, not only from a safety perspective, but it also can save you money on your energy bills. Get in touch and let us help take the stress out of central heating, and give you peace of mind for the years ahead.

What do we offer? a variety of options for every situation


A broken boiler or faulty central heating system can be one of the most frustrating and stressful things to happen. The loss of hot water and/or heating highlights how important an efficient and working boiler and system is to our modern lives. With over 30 years experience across Colchester and Essex, carrying a vast knowledge and expertise, you can be sure we will quickly identify the issue and provide clear and honest information as to cost and length of time it will take to fix your issue. With our trained and qualified engineers, you can have peace of mind that Hammond Heating will see to your central heating issues safely and to the highest standards.

Power Flushing

Sludge and debris can build up in your central heating system, collecting in radiators, heat exchangers, and pipework. If it is not removed it can cause a serious blockage, resulting in efficiency problems and damage, not only to the pipes and radiator valves, but eventually to the boiler. Powerflushing is a popular method of cleaning and maintaining a central heating system, sending water through the system at high velocity to dislodge debris, removing limescale and sludge. This process will improve heat distribution throughout the property, lowering energy bills and increasing your systems reliability. 


Having a well maintained and regularly serviced central heating system is not only important for efficiency and lower heating costs, but it is also vital for ongoing safety and wellbeing of your home. A neglected system not only loses you money, but can also prove to be fatal from carbon monoxide poisoning. Hammond Heating, with our fully trained and qualified engineers, will ensure your system is working to its very best potential, giving you peace of mind. From a safety inspection and emission tests, through to thorough checks and cleaning, our maintenance service is of the highest standard and care. Speak to us today to find our more.

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